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Clean energy is good business

iSun’s commercial division began installing commercial solar systems in 2007 – nearly a decade earlier than most of their contemporaries. In that time, we’ve helped commercial enterprises in every sector – from manufacturing to retail, to agriculture to office and residential – strengthen their bottom-line (our commercial customers yield an average return of 300% on their solar investments) with clean, renewable solar energy.

About iSun Commercial Invested in the communities we serve.

iSun’s commercial solar brands are local businesses comprised of community members who care about the people and places that surround them. Supported by the capabilities, expertise and buying power of iSun’s Industrial and Utility division, iSun’s Commercial Solar brands make reliable, high-performance solar arrays accessible to small businesses, homeowners associations and municipalities.

Our Brands SunCommon

SunCommon is a solar company with a purpose beyond profit. Serving Vermont and New York since 2002, SunCommon is the longest-tenured solar company in the region. SunCommon was founded to address the climate crisis and was built on the pillars of community organizing and activism. Their mission – to break down the barriers to renewable energy by making solar simple and affordable – carries beyond the installation of solar panels. In addition to helping thousands of families and businesses transition to solar, SunCommon has served as a progressive force and exuberant advocate for progressive solar legislation.

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Commercial Solar Featured Projects

Burlington, VT

13.1 homes powered
153,632 kWh per year
5 1,800 trees planted

Brattleboro, VT

9.8 homes powered
115,331 kWh per year
5 1,351 trees planted

Milton, VT

13.2 homes powered
154,810 kWh per year
5 1,814 trees planted

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