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Mobility doesn’t always require wheels.

Simple, sleek, and elegant, iSun’s smart street furniture brings the same level of reliable recharging performance to smart-city pedestrians as its ROAM and PALM carports brings to electric vehicle owners. Featuring integrated solar panels, a wireless router and integrated battery-back-up storage, the Oasis bench enables pedestrians to rest and recharge both their bodies and devices, all without having to worry about a native power source.

Benefits Include Oasis Solar Bench

  • Simple installation anywhere. Integrated solar panels and battery storage allow for placement in any location without having to be tied to an electrical grid, and without the use of additional concrete footers or piers.
  • Durability and Resilience. Rugged construction allows for reliable use in harsh weather environments and ensures charging and 3G data access in times of distress, emergency, or natural disaster.
  • Compatibility. Maintains USB and wireless charging capabilities.
  • iSun App Integration. Don’t have the time to manage the platform? Don’t sweat it. iSun’s Oasis comes with complimentary white-glove support for both the hardware and software. Everything – from setting rates, to ensuring the performance of the panels – is all managed and handled by iSun’s in-house team.

Relax, recharge, reconnnect

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