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Blog 5 Solar Power Misconceptions that May Be Preventing You from Making the Switch

Written: January 19, 2018 | Read Time: 3 min read

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With ever-increasing research being done on solar power and its effectiveness, bringing the basic facts to consumers is something that easily gets dismissed. Corporations and startups sometimes forget that solar is still a pretty new concept, with limited knowledge spread across the general population. Educating prospective buyers on the facts has become a top priority in the sales process, before sellers can move forward with showing off the best features of their surprisingly affordable renewable energy option. To help break it down and really understand the facts, take a look at the 5 biggest misconceptions most energy consumers have in regards to switching their energy sources from old-school fossil fuels to new-world solar.

1 It isn’t affordable.
As technology in solar energy production advances, the price is actually declining, by roughly 10 percent each year! Experts estimate that by 2030, a fifth of the energy consumed worldwide will come from solar power – with India and China leading as prime examples.

2 Solar power is only realistic in warmer climates.
Nope! Solar panels have actually proven to be even a little more effective in cooler temperatures. What matters is that there is solar isolation, i.e. the amount of sunlight the solar cells are receiving.

3 Solar panels are not environmentally friendly.
Coal and nuclear energy aren’t exactly eco-friendly either, but that’s a whole other discussion topic. Solar panels have been found to last between 25 and 30 years, so not only are net savings beyond any other consumer energy source, but solar installers do offer recycling programs. As technology advances, so will the use of old solar panel parts.

4 “Maybe I’ll consider switching in the future. Solar panels will be more efficient as research continues.”
Yes, there are tons of organizations working on the efficiency of solar panels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should wait to try it out. Solar technologies haven’t actually become less or more useful than they were in the 1960s. As technology gets better, we will definitely see more advances and benefits to solar energy production, but in regards to savings and pricing, change will be minuscule over the next few years. There is no loss by becoming more solar friendly now.

5 Solar panels ruin roofs.
Solar panel installers are pretty skilled at outfitting homes with solar systems – after all, it is their job! Solar panels are actually installed a few inches above the existing roof to assist with airflow and to minimize damage. Fun fact: solar panels don’t differ that much in weight in comparison to a second layer of shingles!

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